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What is the Green Deal : Green Deal Derby


The Green Deal scheme in Derby, is a government backed initiative to help bill payers improve their homes with a range of energy saving solutions such as; home insulation, loft insulation and external and internal solid wall insulation, you can pay for some or all of the improvements over time through your electricity bill., repayments will be no more than what a typical household should save in energy costs.


How to pay for the Green Deal in Derby


Most Green Deal improvements are expected to reduce your heating bill because you will be using less electricity, gas or oil. Repayments are made through your electricity bill because everyone has one of those.


Your Green Deal Provider will help calculate the repayments, including interest that you will need to make. While the repayments should be no more than what a typical bill payer should save, the actual savings will depend on how much energy you use and the future costs of energy.


If you move, the new occupier will benefit from the improvements, so they will take on the repayments.


Step 1 : Green deal assessor in Derby


A Green Deal Assessor in Derby, will come to your home, talk to you about your energy use and see if you could benefit from making energy efficiency improvements to your home.


Step 2 : Green deal assessors in Derby, your recommendations


Your Green Deal assessors in Derby, will recommend improvements that are appropriate for your property and indicate whether they are expected to pay for themselves through reduced energy bills.


Step 3 : The Green Deal Plan


We will discuss with you whether a Green Deal Plan is right for you and quote for the recommended improvements. Once you’ve chosen we will write up a Green Deal Plan, The plan is a contract between you and the Provider – it sets out the work that will be done and the repayments.


Step 4 : Green Deal Installer Derby


Once you’ve agreed to a Green Deal Plan, we will arrange for the improvements to be made to your home by our Green Deal installers in Derby.


Step 5 : Enjoy your Derby Green Deal energy efficient home


You can now start to enjoy a more energy efficient home. Your Green Deal repayments will be automatically added to the electricity bill.