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Solid wall insulation Mansfield


Insulating your solid walls could cut your heating costs considerably, because solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls do. The good news is they can be insulated from the inside or the outside.


If your home was built before 1920, its external walls are probably solid rather than cavity walls.


Solid walls have no such gap, so they let more heat through, solid walls can be insulated either from the inside or the outside.


Internal Wall Insulation Mansfield


Internal wall insulation is done by fitting rigid insulation boards to the wall, or by building a stud wall filled in with mineral wool fibre, and is generally cheaper than external wall insulation


External Wall Insulation Mansfield


External wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then covering it with a special type of render (plasterwork) or cladding. The finish can be smooth, textured, painted or tiled, and can be carried out with minimum disruption, it can also increase the life of your brickwork reduce condensation and help prevent damp